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P.O. Box 14572, Scottsdale, AZ. 85267.  Tel: 480-258-1050


New Product Showcase from AZRM

updated 11/18/2007 


This page is just to showcase a new detail product.

This month I am introducing some new products from AZRM. They are 1:20 scale anodized aluminum wheels.  The wheels will be available in approximately 2 weeks and you will find them in the 1:20 Detail Store.


Each set of wheels are made from machined aluminum, including the centers, they are then sent for anodizing. They are going to be a very limited issue. I have not decided exactly how many yet, but I am only having 500 packages made.


These can be used as a direct replacement of the plastic kit wheels, with no modification. They will also work with the Perfect Parts "Wheel enhancement sets". 


I have made a minor design change and modified all the wheels with a 2.5mm diameter relief in the back of the hub 0.035" deep.  This will allow the wheels to be used with a future AZRM item; a "Brake set", which is being developed with the help of Sergey in Canada. The details of these will come soon, but to say they will have carbon looking discs, machined and Photo etch parts, and will allow the wheels and discs to turn. The by-product of these will be an axle set, for those who just want to be able to remove the wheels.


There are 6 pieces to each set as you will see in following pictures. The pictures do not really do justice to the wheels, but you will get the idea. Click the thumbnails for a larger view of the wheels.

These are for the MP4/5B


These are for the MP4/7


These are for the MP4/8


You may have to sand the outside edge of the centers a little to get them to fit, as most will be too tight. I suggest possibly mounting them on a "Dremel" arbor, or something similar, and then mount the arbor in a drill chuck.


At the moment I have wheel sets for the McLarenMP4/4, MP4/5B, MP4/7 and MP4/8. The next set is going to be for the Jordan 191.


They are mounted in a green "die-cut" Polyurethane Foam material, which is less abrasive than normal foam, so less possibility of damaging the finish. Green? For contrast to show the wheels. All inside a clear plastic box that you can hang on a hook until needed. ;) You see I don't just think of a part to make. :)


This should give you a good idea of what this item is like. They will be available, as I said in the 1:20 Detail store, in approximately two weeks, so Mid November. They are priced at $30.00 per set.


If you have any questions, or want to order some, please email me at AZRMParts@macsmodeling.com




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