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Mac's Modeling, LLC  

  1:20 scale STORE

Updated 08/04/2023
F1 Items Available      orders@macsmodeling.com      Email for quote with shipping

To place an order for any of these items listed on this page or others, please download and complete the order form and email it to orders@macsmodeling.com

Please note, due to the recent changes in exchange rates around the world, prices on the website are only current for items that are "In Stock" prices will be quoted on all other items ordered.

Payments can be made through Paypal with Credit Cards, or linked Bank accounts for quick deliveries. I can accept money orders and personal checks from residents in the USA, but there will be a wait period for checks to clear before orders are shipped.  I will ship World Wide, but remember you may be responsible for any fees your country may assess. I cannot put a lesser value on Customs forms when insured, it has to be the actual value, so please do not ask me to. Sales will be first come first served as this is not a High-Tech store. The date and time of your emails set the priorities.

Legend: OOS = Out of Stock, OOP = Out Of Production (no chance of any more unless re-released) Sold Out = I have not tried to order any more, maybe available, ask. SOLD = That was all I had, they are sold out and OOP, not likely to have any more. RRP = Recommended Retail Price.

Please note some companies have a great many models available in 1:20 scale so I have given them their own page, you can get there by clicking on their logo below. All others are still in this store.

 updated 08/01/2022   

F1 Models Available.    Detail Parts updated 07/17/2023 link.  Decals updated 07/06/2023 link.  All 1:20 Scale                                                                           

Make Stock Model #


0 NUNPN20001  McLaren MP4/2C 1986, Portugal.


ACADEMY Models 1 1564  Benetton B195


Make Stock Model #


1 EBR20011  Lotus 88. 1981 1:20 scale plastic kit. 6800JPY
1 EBR20010  Lotus 88B. 1981 1:20 scale plastic kit. 6800JPY
0 EBR20008  Tyrrel 002, British GP, 1971. 1:20 scale plastic kit.           PARTS AVAILABLE 5800JPY
0 EBR20007  Tyrrel 003, Monaco. 1971 1:20 scale plastic kit. 5800JPY



McLaren MP4/13, Monaco.  Resin kit, from MODELER'S it is sealed in its box





 Lotus 79 Martini version $62.00
4 TAM20053 Tyrrell P34, 1977 Monaco $21.00
3 TAM20045 Ferrari F310B                                                     PARTS AVAILABLE $25.00
2 TAM20043 Honda F1 RA272                                               PARTS AVAILABLE $26.00
1 TAM20038 Lotus 107B Ford $20.00
6 TAM20035 McLaren MP4/7 These last pieces have decals that are water damaged as is the box. I will include a set of after market decals $28.00
3 TAM20029 Tyrrell Honda 020                                              PARTS AVAILABLE $20.00
6 TAM20026 McLaren MP4/5B                                              PARTS AVAILABLE $26.00
2 TAM20024 Ferrari F189 Late Version $20.00
0 TAM20023 Ferrari F189 Early Version $20.00
0 TAM20021 Benetton Ford B188                                          PARTS AVAILABLE $20.00
6 TAM20018 Renault RE30B Turbo               PARTS AVAILABLE


5 TAM20017 Brabham BT50                                                  PARTS AVAILABLE $20.00
0 TAM20012 Ligier JS11                                                        PARTS AVAILABLE $26.00
5 TAM20001 Tyrrell P34, 6 wheeler                                       PARTS AVAILABLE $19.00
2 TAM2006/20010 Ferrari 312T3 Exactly the same kit as TAM20010  (This is the version that was produced in Brazil, hence a different kit number) $19.00
5 TAM2005 Tyrrell P34, 6 wheeler Exactly the same kit as TAM20001 (This is the version that was produced in Brazil, hence a different kit number) $19.00

Detail Parts Available for 1:20 scale F1 models

Decals available for 1:20 scale F1 models