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Mac's Modeling, LLC &  Arizona Racing Models, LLC
About Mac's Modeling, LLC and Mac.


   Welcome to Mac's Modeling!

My name is Ian MacFarlane (a friend pointed out I did not have my name here before. Thanks Hollywood!) all my friends in England call me Mac hence "Mac's Modeling".  (I now live in the USA) I have been making models since I was old enough to understand what glue was, I think.
My Dad introduced me to model making. Thanks Dad! He was an incredible artist and I hope I come close to his skill.

Later I was able to build full scale (real) vehicles including Motorcycles. So model making went by the side for many years. After moving to the USA in 1980, I started collecting Diecast 1:18 & 1:43 scale models and did not like the detail or how incorrect they were. To satisfy myself I started modifying and converting them, including making my own decals, in some cases.

I created the Mac's Modeling website originally to share information and techniques that I had learned.

That led to buying kits and super detailing them, searching the internet for parts and/or making parts from scratch to increase the detail. Which in turn led to making new contacts  and friends throughout the world also learning new techniques. Fellow modelers started asking for parts to be make, and models to be obtained.

This resulted in Mac's Modeling becoming an on-line retail store for kits and detail parts from all over the world, where we try to keep the prices as economical as possible, and be your "virtual" local model shop. Drop in and chat.

After moving house and leaving the company I worked for, I started my own granite business, and had to move my workshop into my new home, the family room.
My situation changed again, and I built a workshop/store room so I was able to move everything out of the house and get the house back to being a house. ;)

Over the years people have showed a lot of interest in the parts I have made for myself, asking if I would produce more to sell. Arizona Racing Models is the result of the suggestions and requests.

You can contact me directly via email at mac@macsmodeling.com if you have any suggestions or questions.

I work my granite business all week and it is sometimes difficult to answer emails immediately. Plus with the manufacturing of parts under the AZRM banner, it does not leave a lot of time.

This is basically a one man operation so answering the phone can be difficult and answering emails can be slow. Please be patient, we will get to you. :) And thank you for your support.

As of February 8th, 2006, Mac's Modeling became a Limited Liability Company (LLC) so now it's Mac's Modeling LLC.

Arizona Racing Models, LLC. is the name I will be using for everything produced by me, upgrade kits, parts and reference material.

In 2012 I took on a partner, Don, who lives in Oklahoma. He is not able to ship anything as everything comes here to Arizona.

In 2017 I ran into financial problems and had to close Mac's Modeling, LLC. store, until I could get back on my feet.
The store re-opened at the beginning of December 2018 and will become great again, because we have the best customers in the World.

Contact info:

email: iamf1@macsmodeling.com

Mac's Modeling, LLC.
4212 E. Hearn Rd.
Phoenix, AZ. 85032


Tel:     480-772-6638  




I bought my first motorcycle when I was 13, an old BSA Bantam. Being such an expert on motorcycles and engines the first modification was to cut the exhaust pipe off about 4 inches from the cylinder and knowing that 2 strokes had to operate against backpressure, squeezed the end together slightly.

Of course we all know more sound means more power! :)

Then I was educated and changed the exhaust again, but still in the interest of speed.......had to remove things to decrease the weight. which included non essential items like mudguards, lights, and of course brakes.......who needs them on dirt. Soon discovered brakes helped, but still never put them back on, and so would knobbly tires, after getting caught in ruts and falling off....a lot!

So me and a couple of friends joined (what I think was the start of "Schoolboy Scrambles" in the UK) a motorcycle club called Reading Ace Club. Obviously in Reading, England. They taught us how to really ride, on dirt, Trials, Grass and road. I learned a lot. But still wasn't good with brakes!

Just before my 16th birthday I bought my first Road bike a Honda (CB 92) Benly SS 125 twin. Which had been "worked over" by the owner known locally as the "Professor". That bike went fast and revved way higher than it was supposed to, somewhere around 14,000rpm.
My first ride on it, to test it; I was flat out (Well what I thought was flat out) going down Overdown Rd. (I think it was) which came to a "T" intersection at the end.

Being used to my Bantam without brakes, I just changed down through the gearbox as the end got closer, until I dropped it into 1st gear which made the engine scream at about 13,000 rpm. with a deafening exhaust note. (I forgot to mention it had a racing exhaust system on it so it was loud as well.)  When I almost reached the end of the road I realized I could not put my foot on the front tire up against the forks (as I did on my Bantam) as I had a mudguard! So I did the only thing possible...........put my feet down on the road and stood up until it stopped. :) I was good! Stopped right on the line! :)

Everyone at the garage could hear and see what I did. When I pulled in and turned it off, they were all laughing and finally calmed down enough to tell me that this new bike of mine actually has BRAKES and they work! :)

I've come a long way since then. Most importantly learned how to use brakes. I've owned numerous bikes and cars since then, kept all the important parts on them.

And now I watch the motorcycles race and build models. :)

Update: Now I don't have time to build models :(  I have to make time again. :)

As you may have gathered from different areas of the website, I do like to travel and go to a different F1 GP each year, plus take in a MotoGP here and there.

I also enjoy having customers/friends visit when the come into town. I like to try and visit them, when I am in their town.