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Mac's Modeling, LLC.

4212 E Hearn Rd., Phoenix, AZ. 85032

Ordering procedures (Updated 11/11/2020)

I have changed the ordering process, so please read all of the following. This page to answer most questions. If you do not find the answer here, please email me at iamf1@macsmodeling.com

Ordering: (updated 12/28/18)  Order Form Download it and fill it out, scan it and email it back to orders@macsmodeling.com  or fax it back. NOT NECESSARY TO USE THE ORDER FORM AS IT MAY NOT DOWNLOAD

It is very important that ALL ORDERS should be placed by email to orders@macsmodeling.com putting the Manufacturer's name in the subject line, and attaching the completed ORDER FORM if they are not placed there you may miss out on what you want, especially if it is a limited production item. If you cannot download the order form, don't worry; just put your order in the body of the email, but please remember to put the Manufacturer's name in the subject line. e.g. MFH.........Tamiya.......Fujimi..etc.
If an item is listed as "Available", it means I do not have them in stock, but the manufacturer does and I can get them for you. For certain items please place your order at the appropriate email address listed below:

Dates of emails are the order of preference. Inquiries and questions should be sent to info@macsmodeling.com

Normal Orders: (updated 12/28/18)

You decide what you want and send an email to orders@macsmodeling.com putting the Manufacturer's name in the subject line and requesting the items you want in the body of the email. If it is an order for items from multiple Manufacturers, please put Multiple Order in the subject line. Include your mailing/shipping address. I will respond with a total price giving you shipping options. You choose the shipping option you prefer and I send you an invoice, which you can pay via: Paypal, Money order, cash or Personal check Note: If paying with a personal check please be aware there is a wait period for the check to clear unless we have done previous business.

Payment: IMPORTANT PLEASE READ! (updated 12/28/18)

Credit Cards: We no longer accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX credit cards, directly. You can still use them to pay through Paypal, if you want to.

Paypal:  Payments can be made using credit cards through PayPal, and PaPpal accounts.  As there is no "Shopping Cart" I will send you an invoice via PayPal to you, to pay from. We carry accounts with PayPal in US Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Euro and Japanese Yen. When you receive an invoice just click the "pay now" link to pay. DO NOT convert the currency to US Dollars and try to pay in US Dollars. PayPal automatically calculates the exchange rate at the time you pay and takes the correct amount of dollars from your Bank account.  For International buyers wanting to use Paypal, you will be required to pay for insurance, which will mean a more expensive shipping method, also the actual cost will be declared on any customs forms, so please check with your local "Customs and excise" office about any import duties.

Return Policy:

I accept returns under the following conditions; You must inspect the items on receipt and email me at returns@macsmodeling.com within 48 hours of receipt, informing me of the reason you wish to return the item.  (If it is for damage in shipping and you did not take the option of insurance I will not accept a return.) I will at that time arrange for replacement or refund.  Return shipping will not be covered.

Pre-Orders: (updated 12/28/18) There is a special Pre-Order page.

I accept pre-orders on any items that are to be in stock in the future. There will be a 20% deposit required, when pre-ordering/special ordering. No payment is required on items I have already ordered and paid for. Just send an email, as described above, for the model you want. You will be allocated one, or however many you order, of the ordered items on "first come first served" basis the time of your email will be your priority in line. I will always confirm your order.

You will not be required to pay the balance until the models are ready to ship, when you will receive an email or an invoice showing total amount owed. You will be able to pay the invoice via: Paypal, Money order, cash or Personal check. Note: If paying with a personal check please be aware there is a wait period for the check to clear unless we have done previous business.