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Updated: 09/09/2020

One of the finest model producers in the World for full detail Multi Media kits, in resin, metal, Photo etch and turned parts models in 1:20, 1:24 and now in 1:12 scale Motorcycles. They also produce some accessory parts and decals. Based in Japan

This is a great Forum site for modelers, offering all kinds of help, reviews and just good old modeling chatter and rumors. ;) And not just modeling. Race forums and buy and sell.

You could say Josh likes Rossi Valentino. I think he is a "Crazy Full fledged Fan", He is a good guy anyway. He has been a long time customer here and has become a friend over that time. He is into Collecting and converting MINICHAMPS Die-casts of Rossi and his bikes. There is also a forum for any of you that have the same interests. Check it out, you may be surprised.

This is the company producing correct tires for kits in 1:20 and 1:12 scale at the moment. Derek started out using Black resin, but is now using Black rubber-like material. He is planning on adding some different items in the future.
Derek is a good friend and has been very instrumental in teaching me how to use "SolidWorks" over the years.                       


This is Jason Mabee's website. He drives open wheel, A.L.M.S., Off Road. He is also my first rolling/racing advertisement :) Check him out and give him support when he is in your area.



Another company in Brazil. Very good products in 1:20 scale. Some parts are from Tamiya, others are manufactured by Iritani. The overall product is good and he offers some different models than other model companies.


This company produces the best decals in the world (In my Opinion). They are in Japan. Look through their website and ask me for any of their products.


Produces some fine decals, most are printed by Cartograf close to F'artefice in quality. Museum collection produce decals in most scales from 1:64 to 1:6.


Is a company based in Hong Kong and produces all kinds of accessories, decals, Trans-kits and upgrade parts, in wide variety of scales. Recently decals have been printed by Cartograf. Great products. Great improvements lately.


Very well known company in Italy, manufacturing model kits of white metal and photo etch parts. They are famous for their 1:43 scale kits, but do produce some 1:20 and 1:24 models.


Based in England and manufactures white metal 1:43 miniature figures and has many different racing versions from vintage to modern day, including spectators and accessories. The website has some great information on detailing the figures as well.


Motorsport in detail produces detail reference photographs and technical information on DVD's. Covering all kinds of Cars, Sports Cars, F1 even Pit Lane details. They based in Australia.



Produces parts and accessories for all kinds of model cars and dioramas in varying scales, most interesting for me are the fittings and braided hoses, but they offer much more than that.