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New Product Showcase from AZRM

updated 6/30/2007 


This page is just to showcase a new detail product.

This is the first product to be showcased that is NOT produced by me.  It is actually produced by Roberto of ICARO models, who has now entered the market with his First product under the name of Widia Models and it is Velocity stacks/Inlet trumpets with fuel injection connection. Item # P001. They can be found in the 1:20 Detail Store.

These Velocity stacks are for 1:20 scale models with a V8 engine. They are tall and tapered. These are as good as the larger Stacks for 1:12 scale made by RB Motion, but include more detail. In the picture below you can see the Weld lines and all the washers, bushing, nut and fuel connection. These are not for the faint of heart! ;) The picture above is approximately actual size.

When assembling these I would suggest doing it inside a plastic bag (Economic) or a purpose made clear plastic box. It will eliminate the possibility of loosing parts that fly out of the tweezers. Of course no one here has had that happen. :)  Maybe even using some putty on the end of a toothpick to hold the pieces.

I have drawn up some instructions that come with every set purchased from me. For all others you can download the picture above.


7/1/07 Special note: Frank (Pancho) has spoken with me a little while ago. He is assembling a set of these for his Iritani McLaren M23, 1974.  He suggests inserting the injector pin into the Stack first.  He tried assembling the injector pin with the washer, bush etc. but found the end that needed to fit into the trumpet had distorted with the pressure of the "hemostat" he was using to hold it.  He also points out, that it is easier to hold while assembling all the other parts of it.  Thanks for the input Frank!


These are the most incredible little detail items I have seen in a long time. If you look carefully in the pictures you can identify the parts, like the Red Nylon washer, Black Nylon bush, Nut and fuel line connector. In each set Roberto has inserted one Injector pin into the side of one of the Stacks to show how it should look. He says that some may be quite a tight fit. (You may have to open up some holes a little to allow them to fit) You can clearly see it in this picture. (Click the thumbnails for the larger view.)


I have not had time to actually put a set together for myself, for obvious reasons, but I'm dying to try a set on a model. They will add so much to your model.  These parts are actually made for Roberto by "Bosica" who I am sure, a lot of you, are familiar with his work.  A lot of which is in 1:43. The finish is great on these Stacks with shiny inner face. Can you say "Best of Show!" ;)

This should give you a good idea of what this item is like. They are available, as I said in the 1:20 Detail store.



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