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New Product Showcase from AZRM

updated 10/15/2014 

This product no is no longer in production. The manufacturer of the hose stopped making it. And it is sold out.

This page is just to showcase a new detail product. To begin with it will be just for my own products, but I will show others manufactured by other companies. You will know when a new product is here from the "updated" date. ;)


The first product to be showcased here is the replacement part for the Blue braided hose I had in the 1:12 store for the Williams FW14B.  Part number for this NEW item is AZM BL 16-041

This is an actual TUBE braided, and of course it is blue. It is more realistic this time around, because on the actual car it is a heat resistant braided blue tube that slides over the metal braided hydraulic hose.  Therefore, with this you can do the same thing; have your metal braided hose running inside this blue TUBE.  "If we can't have the real thing, lets get as close as we can!"


The photographs show it as best as I can get it. It is actually 1mm inside diameter. So a 1mm metal braided wire will fit inside it.  I really like it!  But then again ............................................................. I would. :)


It is best to open up the end of the hose a fraction first. I use a wooden meat skewer, but anything with a taper will work. Don't expand it too much.
It is also a good idea to smooth out the end of the metal braided wire. The 1303 "Detail Master" wire slips in pretty nicely. You cans see from this picture how the end of the hose is flared after the skewer is removed. I tried the DM 1304 braided wire, which would be a great fit. Must have patience there though.  It is necessary to do something with the end of the wire first to stop the fine wires getting hooked on the hose as you push it in. Maybe a little super glue. Update: A little super glue on the end of the 1304 works a charm! that's it on the left and with the 1303 on the right.

A very sharp utility knife blade, not a modeling knife, is what I recommend (brand new blade) to cut the hose and the braided wire. Cut in a guillotine motion, do not slide cut. Just push straight down. You will finish up with a really nice end. I have left the ruler in most of the pictures just for reference.  The flash has really brightened the look of the blue, but I think I need to make it a fraction darker.

With a little more time than I took and some Bare Metal foil you can add the clips and yes that is the next new item, the silver heat shield tube as per the real thing ;) It is a 2mm ID silver material tube. Again, it comes in approximately 16" lengths. Part no. AZM SR 16-080


Anyway this should give you a good idea of what this item is like. They will be available on the website next week. Each packet will contain one piece of Blue braided tube approximately 16" long and will be $6.00




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