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Grand Prix of Brazil 2006
Monday October 23rd. Day 7 of the trip. (part6)

I have everything packed and ready to go, but my flight does not leave until later in the afternoon so I get a late check out.

However, Jose Luiz offered to pick me up and go for some lunch. I accepted of course. We drove for quite a while and went into a restaurant that Jose figured I would like. I like most things so its not hard to find something I like.

We sit down and were deciding what we would like, when I asked the waiter if they accepted credit cards as I did not see a sign. He informed me "Cash only". Jose and I looked at each other...............neither of us had any cash. :) So we picked up and left to find somewhere else.

Obviously Jose knows the City well and took me to another small restaurant. We had some good conversation and food, during the process Jose offered to drive me to the airport. Which he did after we finished our lunch.

Arriving at the airport I figure I have plenty of time. There is a computer problem and everyone has to be checked in manually. It is taking ages. But I finally get my bags checked in, get my ticket and seat assignment. I decide I should be able to do a bit of souvenir shopping as usual, when I discover the flight I wanted was leaving 1 hour earlier than my ticket said! Everything becomes a rush I had 45 minutes to catch my flight!

At the security check there is a line that is approx. 100 yards long, which would not be so bad, but it winds back and forth about 3 times! This is not looking good. But I figure I'll get home no matter what, so I'm not too worried.

I am close to entering the security area when I turn around, because I heard a woman speaking English, It was the same blonde that had caught the plane in Phoenix. Only this time she has on Red Bull clothes. Still looking good though. ;) She was in the second loop of the line and was probably not going to catch the plane. I was thinking about asking her to step over the line and travel with me, when some other people in Red Bull gear joined her. There was one guy in the crowd wearing these Red Bull sweat pants and a T-shirt with the top tied around his waste. It was not a pretty sight! .....................He turns around and I start to smile to myself.............it was Scott Speed! What was he doing in a regular line to get on the plane!?!

I get into the security area only to discover there is a line about 50 yards long in there. I'm beginning to think I will miss my flight. Then Scott Speed and the small Entourage come through with an official speaking in Portuguese, and marches them right through.

I did actually manage to catch my flight, which was surprising but good.

Long flight, nothing to write about, changed planes arrived in Phoenix. Beautiful weather!

I get my bags and call a friend to pick me up, I tell them I will be out at the curb near baggage claim.

While I'm standing there, who should come out but this blonde! ;) OK yes enough is enough! So I started a conversation with her. "Obviously you went to the F1 GP in Sao Paulo, because you were on all the same flights as me". It turns out her name is Amber, she lives in Scottsdale and she had entered her name and pictures into a competition to be a Red Bull girl. She was picked and went to the USGP. After the USGP she was contacted and told she had been picked to join the International pick of the girls for Brazil, all expenses paid. She said it was not a great deal of pay, but good exposure. She had a great time there and we had a great conversation. So here ends the mystery of the Blonde that was everywhere I went. ;) And ends this story.

I hope you have all enjoyed it, and I'm sorry it took so long to finish.

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