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Grand Prix of Brazil 2006
Sunday October 22nd.I went to a fight and a F1 race broke out!:) Day 6 of the trip.

Here it is.......Race day! (You will find out about the heading as you read on)

I have worked out my day so I arrive at the track around 8:00am. when they open the gates. They are definitely more organized this year at Interlagos.

I left the Hotel, attempting to go across the street to the Taxi stand, but a couple of Taxi's were sitting at my Hotel and one of them waived me into his cab.  So I decided I would just take it. I get in and say the customary "Bom dia" and cab driver returns the same, followed by a bunch more Portuguese, which I have no idea what he is saying, so I have to stop him and ask if he speaks English, to which he replies No. So I just ask for Interlagos and away we go.

The drive was pretty quick, and interesting. At some traffic lights when we are stopped, locals walk up to the cars and hang items, food and other things, on the rear view mirrors and go as far as they dare and return before the lights change to green, in hopes that you take whatever is on the mirror and then you have to pay them.  The cab driver locks all the doors at the first light.

This driver kept wanting to go to a different place than I wanted.  I finally made him go where I needed to, and drop me off in the right place. I thought I was going to have trouble with this one, but the price was the same as normal, even with the Sunday fare increase.

I have met quite a few different people this year at the track, that speak English, so it is nice to say hi and actually have a chat with other fans this time.

I go off on my usual walk around the F1 Village and over behind the pits, just to see what's going on. I decide I need more programs (It's just one of those things with me.)  So back in the F1 Village I see some programs on the back counter.  I ask one of the girls for some programs, she just looks strangely at me and says "we don't have any". I point at the 3 sitting on the back counter. She looks at them and tells me they are not programs.  I know what they are, so not to argue, I just asked if I could buy all three. She looked at them again and said yes.  Finally, I have my required stash of programs.

I'm not sure what the significance of this plane is. But there it sits in the middle of the track.

I head back over to the Orange Tree and meet and greet the security staff.  And make for the counter, for my morning coffee and a pastry. While I'm there I bump into Trevor and Angela again.  We have a little chat and they tell me they gave their program to one of their friend last night. So I told them I had got more and would sell them another for the same 10 Reais. Trevor gives me a note and I put it in my pocket. I didn't even look at it.

We're sitting there watching the F-Renault race. I take a couple of pictures,      A good place to get it all wrong judging by the tire marks. ;)  After a while I decide I need to get another coffee and snack and I look at my money only to discover Trevor had given me 20 Reais for the program, he had probably been expecting to get change, which I never gave him.  Man I felt bad!  He is sitting in front of me so I tap him on the shoulder and apologize and give him his 10 Reais change.

The Trofeo Maserati race is next.  I get a few pictures, trying to be a little "artsy".  Not very well I might add.

Then the Porsche Cup race.  Still not what I came for.  I'm assuming "MAPFRE" is a major sponsor in this series. I would like some other open wheel racing as well, not just the F-Renault. Oh well! There is some pretty close racing in the Porsche Cup though, so it does have it's excitement.

Between activities, I'm just sitting down checking the camera gear, having a snack and chatting with people around me.  NASCAR fan getting a F1 education. ;)

A FIGHT BREAKS OUT! A couple of rows further down, next to the aisle, I see some BIG guy bent over in some other BIG guys face, yelling. He then takes a swing at the one sitting down. Very clumsy fight, obviously both drunk.  People sitting close by are getting more injuries and drinks spilled over them than the two fat guys rolling down the stands, trying to punch each other.  I mean .............I've never seen a fight break out at a F1 race!!!!  It's not like football, where there are only two teams to root for.  Here there are 11 teams and 22 different drivers, and we all have fun ribbing each other about someone's favorite.  But don't fight over it. (Sorry! No pictures)

Anyway, I guess the guy that was sitting down, really did get hurt.  A broken leg is what I heard.  Security tried to get the guy, who started it, out of the Stands. He did not want to have anything to do with leaving.  But, hey! When the crowd is behind the security and the Police come into play, I don't care how big you are..............you are leaving.  In my opinion he obviously did not pay for his ticket, because at those prices I'm not going to get chucked out!

After he left the crowd started chanting something else which I believe had "el otro" in it. Which was pretty clear what was happening.  Everyone believed they were BOTH at fault so kick one out, kick em both out! Quite Right!  The other guy left a little differently though. On a gurney, with a neck brace, a splint on his leg and blood all over his face.  One of the track medical teams came in, fixed him up and shipped him off by helicopter to Hospital.

I believe it all started over a seat! Which are not designated in this stand.  If you do not ask someone to save your seat when you get up.  It will probably be occupied when you return.  I actually like that in this particular stand because you can move around.

After all the excitement it was back to the good old VIP charity drive! OK.  Not as exciting as the fight, but................ It's actually all the track safety crews and vehicles The guys in the Fire Truck are into it

The two English women are sorting out their positions with their banner. Getting ready for Michael to come by.

Then the all important "Driver's Parade".  We are all watching the start of it, in the pits, on the TV's located in our stand.  You know; there is something not right with putting all the drivers together on the back of a truck and driving around the circuit.  Why?  Did you ever watch them? Yes they wave to the fans as they go around, but 75 to 80% of them are chatting amongst themselves, with a hand in the air, sometimes not even moving.  Now that is not really appreciating the fans!  There are a couple of drivers that do look at the fans and wave AT them, not just aimlessly.

You can see what I mean by the pictures.      

Long wait now until the race.  So take time to have a nap, go to the bathroom or just go for a walk.

 Jonny Walker has a Scotts Bagpipe Band   going around to entertain the fans, and they are pretty darned good.

It's got to be time for the race soon.....................

Workers and Police taking a break in the shade just before the race.

The Marshals are ready and the cars come out on track for their installation lap and take their place on the grid.

Rubens , Massa , Michael and Webber, Kimi

 , Fred , David and Nico

As usual we can tell every time Massa crosses the start/finish line, from the roar of the Brazilian fans on the front straight, behind us. Already it does not look like Michael will come anywhere near winning his last ever race, although he gets cheers and major flag waving every time he passes by. (Did I say there seemed to be a lot more Ferrari fans this year.)

But I'm going to start a conspiracy theory now about the "Non Aerodynamic" covers on the rear wheels of the Ferrari's. Also to remind everyone of the non movable aero parts. Both Ferrari cars qualified and started the race with the Carbon disc covers on the rear wheels, however, both finished the race without them. I thought that was against the rules. Look at the next pictures I have increased the brightness so you can see clearly.

Michael Final qualifying Massa Final qualifying Easy to see on both cars.

Early in the race, Massa and now Michael early in the race, Again easy to see the covers in place.

Now here Later in the race, Massa and Michael, Clearly they are both running without the covers, which I always though was breaking the rules. Oh well! :) Just thought I'd throw that on out there for every one to discuss.

Incidentally you can see the loading on the left rear tires as they go around the corner changing elevation up hill to "Larange".

Back to the race. Fizzy was obviously trying to make it difficult for Michael during the race to help his team mate Fred towards the championship.

Due to the re-arrangement of roof supports for this stand it proved a challenge to get decent picture, but I managed a few. This of one of the Spikers you can see what I mean here with Scott Speed Could have bee good. :)
Here come Kimi doing his best . There was some close racing further back I'm sure they were having more fun than the guys up front, actually having someone to race. Then again the pole screwed up what would have been a pretty good picture of Rubens Almost got Jenson in focus. Still learning to use the camera. (Well that's my excuse.) ;) It was great to see Jenson doing so well here; it's about time!

I managed to get a few fairly decent shots as they come out of Larange and start going down hill again. Rubens, Massa, Yamamoto, Fred, Jenson and Michael chasing down Kimi in the distance.

Last lap Michael coming around in 4th place and Kimi close behind But the
 race win goes to Massa

2nd place to Fred and clinch his second World Championship in a row Jenson making 3rd place and

Michael & Kimi making 4th and 5th Michael receives a farewell from the Marshalls.

The 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix is over, a very emotional race and crowd. Farewell to Michael Schumacher (No matter who you are you have to appreciate what he did and brought to F1), Congratulations to Fred Alonso on a second consecutive World Championship, and Farewell to Cosworth engines, for now at least.

Farewell from Interlagos, Brazil Until next time. Click here for all of Sundays pictures

No Post Race party for me this year, unfortunately, but I have to run and meet Daniel again as he offered to drive me back to my Hotel again.

We sit and chat in the Hotel bar for a while. Fabio is the Bar Tender as usual, and always smiling . Daniel had to get back to his family as he had spent all day at the race like me. So we said our goodbye's and I went off to my room to pack for the trip back tomorrow.

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