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AZRM 1:20 wheels

These are 1:20 scale Aluminum (Aluminium) machined wheels, then black anodizes. They are designed to be a direct replacement for the original kit wheels, they will also work if you are using a "Perfect Parts" Wheel enhancement set.

There is also another design feature to these wheels. They have had a relief bore, 2.5mm in diameter 0.035" deep, into the back of the hubs. This is to allow them to be used with a future AZRM item, for amazing detail, which will also allow the wheels to rotate on your model. It is a "Brake set". It will comprise of carbon looking discs, mounting spindles, axles, nuts, hubs/caps, photo etch plates and machined bolts. They should be available in the new year.


These are the wheels for the McLaren MP4/4. They have had the front of the hub machined after being anodized to make it look like a washer, when the nut/axle is in place.

You can see the relief machined in the back of the wheel hubs, to accept the future brake set items.