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MotoGP of USA 2005, Laguna Secca
Day two, the Solvang Motorcycle Museum

After Breakfast we decided we would ask the people who worked in the Restaurant if they knew where the museum was. Well after all the blank looks we were not sure if they even knew what a motorcycle is! After all, this is Horse country, Arabians and Thoroughbred Race Horses.

We had the address so we just turned the RV around and headed off to Solvang. If you don't know it, Solvang is a Danish town/community, so all the buildings look alike, how some of them look in Denmark. We find the street and see the museum, we just need to park the boat, which was relatively easy as there was a big parking lot behind the buildings.

We go over to the museum, but no one is around. That's OK we are about 15 minutes early, so we sit on a bench and wait. Three people turned up while we were waiting and were also interested in going in the museum, but did not know how to get in. they had come from Australia for the MotoGP, and visit their son. After about 1/2 an hour we called the phone number on the window, within a couple of minutes a woman appeared.

We pay our $5.00 and head inside.........Manx Norton's, Moto Guzzi V8 500cc Replica and a Briton are the first bikes to catch my eye. I spend about an hour just around the Guzzi, taking pictures like crazy. Then I move on to the Norton's. I am building a 1:9 scale Manx using Cozmo Factory engine, from Dave, mounted in a metal (brass) featherbed frame, manufactured by my fair (Stubby) hands. So pictures are a must of all the details. Another 1/2 to 1 hour spent.

Dave is down at the other end of the museum. He has found the Vincent land speed record attempted machine and he is all over that with his camera, plus another Spanish built  250 cc GP bike that never made it to the track.

I wonder around a find an old NSU with dustbin fairing in all it's glory. And a 125 cc Honda that had inspired me into buying the Honda Benley Super Sport 125cc (CB92) as my first road bike years ago in England. [The "Triumph Owners" club in Reading were not to sure about letting me join, when I applied while I still had my Honda. :) ] They did let me join but would not let me ride my Honda on any of their runs, I had to park it and go as a passenger. [I did buy a brand new 1968 500 Triumph Daytona in the end. (RDP 69G I think was the registration.)]

Next to that was a nice 250 cc Yamaha like Bill Ivy and Phil Read used to ride. Across the room was Gillera as ridden by Phil as well.

This museum is well worth a visit. The curator tells us that this is not all the bikes, there are more in storage and the owner rotates them so there is something different each time someone comes back.

The Briton is jus a stunning bike, with all the carbon fiber items and the color scheme! WOW!

.............and travel to Laguna Secca.
We probably spent over 4 hours in the museum before we decided to head out to Laguna Seca.

We pull out from the Museum and drive up the road, but the engine has developed a miss-fire. I feather the throttle and everything seems to be good again. We turn left at the light to head over to the 101 Hwy. Going down the hill the engine dies completely! GREAT! We have run out of gas! The generator is still running fine though. :) and the gas gauge reads a 1/4 tank! But we are definitely out of Gas.

Dave had just renewed his AAA membership, so he figured this would be a good time to use it. That turned into quite a fiasco in its self, because Dave was in California and not Kansas. Finally he managed to get it sorted out, but they kept asking for directions to where we were stopped. (You cannot get much more precise than; approx. 2.5 miles East of Hwy. 101 on Hwy 246 on the North side of the road IN A BIG ASS RV.) They kept asking for the nearest cross street! Which was a Mile in either direction, so we could not see the sign! The Point being Buellton and Solvang are 4 miles apart, and both approximately 1 mile square. Anyone coming to help us from one of these towns is not going to miss us, or have a hard time finding us. It still took about 1 1/2 hours for the service truck to arrive, with 3 gallons of the most expensive gas in the USA $15.00.

Anyway it gets us rolling again. We stop at the first gas station to fill up. We get a little over $45.00 in it when the pump shuts down along with all the others. :) I figure we should have plenty to get to the next gas station in Santa Maria.

We pull in there and start filling the tank $50.00, pump shuts off. I have to pay for that and try again. Another $50.00, pump shuts down. I'm thinking this is a big gas tank. I look underneath to make sure its not running out anywhere. Then decide to go into the store and tell them I want to fill it up so it won't shut off before that. I managed to put in another $6.00 worth. :)

I decided that we should not let the gas gauge go below 1/2 or there would be a good possibility of running out again.

Feeling much better about everything (and having a full tank of gas) we head off again. The RV is running pretty good. It kind of handles like a combination of a big Boat with an old Cadillac's suspension.

The further North we get the wind starts to pick up, blowing across the Hwy. If you have ever driven up the 101 between King City and Salinas you will be familiar with the wind. It gets really strong and gusty. Just like it is today and I'm wondering if the RV is going to get blown over.

Well that didn't happen, but the awning that is rolled up on the right hand side unravels in the wind and starts flapping! So we pull over on the side of the Hwy. to fix it. Not having any tools made it a little difficult, but fear not there is always something on the side of the road you can use. To all you people that throw stuff out the window driving down the road..............Thank you! Without you we would not have been able to fix it so quickly. :) Don't worry about that $1,000.00 fine!

Dave did a bang up job fixing it. And off we go again. This time trouble free all the way to Monterey.

We check out the entrances to Laguna Seca as we drive past it.

We have dinner in Monterey at a Chinese restaurant, then bought some supplies at the Safeway's, across the street, to keep us for the next few days. As once the RV is parked it's not moving until we leave.

We head back to Laguna Seca to see if we can actually get in a day earlier. An extra $20.00 for the night and we are set. The guard gives us directions to the Camp site that we have tickets for. WAAAY down the bottom of a BIG hill! The sites are not to easy to find as they are not marked clearly, but as we go by the Archery Range and see a camp site we decide that must be "Archery" :) We are further down the hill. We are directed into this field and then sort out where we are going to park. (So we can get a clean exit when its all over.) There are no leveling legs so the angle we can get closest to flat is it! But with all the hassles we are FINALLY HERE! :)

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