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MotoGP of USA 2007, Laguna Secca
Part 4. Qualifying Day.........Saturday, July 21st

We get a later start to the day today, but it’s OK. We perform our usual morning ritual of  Brazilian coffee first and head off around the track for the practice session.

We decided to go on the outside of the fence at turn 2 again, where I took some pictures through the fence,     just to see how they would come out. I am really happy with them. They also give you a good idea of the views you get around the track     Here you can almost see what I mean about the Red on the Ducati. Then of course some from over the top of of the fence.              

Here Miguel gets it wrong and overcooks it into turn 2  but keeps it going through the Kitty litter. 5 minutes later Casey does the same thing. Just shows it can happen to anyone. 

We walk up the hill and over to the infield where I get this picture of Nicky going up the hill to turn 6. We move around to turn 6 where I love these shots, looking directly down on the rides as the go around the corner.  I think I got some much better pictures

this year. J (I also took some bad ones.)

With the practice session over we walk down the hill to the infield area of stores and wonder around Ducati Island. I of course find a poser on a Ducati. And Dave finds some   too. J

During the lunch break we decide we will stand in line at the Yamaha stand and get the poster with all the Past Champions to sign it. I was able to have a few words with Don Emde about the “Anglo” series he rode in England, loooong time ago. English and American riders competing against each other in a 3 race series, riding Triumph and BSA triples. Man it was great! I think that was basically the start of what was referred to as the F1 class in Motorcycle racing.

It was great to see Wayne Rainey in great spirits and had a nice little chat with him. Agostini was chatting with Kel Caruthers and was fairly impersonal, not looking and just signing the poster with a blank stare when I spoke to him and went back to chatting with Kel.

Doug Henry was a little uncomfortable, still getting used to sitting that long in a wheel chair, but still happy to chat and be there.

Scott Russell; still the rebel. He was out from behind the table getting a new single cylinder 450cc racing bike fired up, just to see what it sounded like, which held up the signing process a little, but he was having fun. And very friendly.

At 1:30pm we returned to get the mandatory, yearly Yamaha visor.

We decide we are just going to spend Qualifying at turn 2, at what I refer to as the “Grassy Knoll”.  It is on the inside of the fence on the hillside next to the stands at turn 2.

A few minutes into the session and Capirossi is checking out the Kitty litter. This year he has his numbers in Black, last year they were white.

For those that don't know this is the corner where the pit exit is as well.
I decide to move positions a little and try some different shots by twisting the camera in hopes of getting some interesting pictures.  Well see what you think. ;)     The rest of these pictures can be seen at the bottom of the page for today's pictures.

Well qualifying over and there is the results of the first 10. It should be an interesting start going into turn 2 tomorrow.

We head back over towards the pits and run into some of the Laguna Seca girls. Dave admires the Pass this girl has. I think that gets her a lot more  places than we can go. ;)

Very crowded again in the pit area, so we decide to go back to the trailer and relax for a while before going back into town.

As usual we go to the Happy Dragon, but unfortunately Kim is not working.  She had the earlier shift and we came in later than usual. So we have Mama san to take care of us. She remembers us from last year as well.  When we leave she says “see you tomorrow” to which we reply “we go home tomorrow, so maybe next year.”

It’s late when we get back to the trailer so it’s goodnight and off to sleep.

For all the pictures of the day click here.


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