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AZRM Wheel set for 1:12 Tamiya Ferrari 312T4

AZMW 12006
NOTE: When ordering specify if you want Polished Rims.

These are machined parts to replace the kit parts for better detail. They are as accurate in detail to the full size wheels given the scale difference.
They will include in each set:

2 x Rear rims (Machined aluminum)
2 x Front outer rims (Machined aluminum)
2 x Front inner rims (Machined aluminum)
2 x Stub-Axles with right hand threads (Machined aluminum) Marked red on the ends
2 x Stub-Axles with left hand threads (Machined aluminum)
2 x Nuts with left hand threads (Machined aluminum)
2 x Nuts with right hand threads (Machined aluminum)
2 x Front wheel centers (White metal)
2 x Rear wheel centers (White metal)
5 x Air valves (Machined aluminum)
(One extra, just in case)
16 x Tire retaining bolts (simulated)
32 x Simulated cap screws and nuts (For rear wheels) Special manufacture by RB Motion, just for these wheels.
24 x Simulated bolts and nuts (For the front wheels)
These are a standard item, # 1251, from RB Motion, but now included in the set.
1 x 0.020" Diameter drill bit
4 x 2mm screw
1 x Wheel nut wrench.

Modifications to some of the plastic kit parts will be necessary as shown in the pictures below. Also in the Instructions.


Rims on the left are polished, Rims on the right are not.

If you do not specify polished when ordering you will receive unpolished.

Wheel nut wrench

Makes it a lot easier to install and remove the wheel nuts. Just added to the set 03/16/2020