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The Return of Motorcycle GP racing to the USA 1988

How it used to be!

These are some of the pictures I took back in 1988 at the race at Laguna Seca. They are not the best quality, and I apologize for that, but you get the idea of what it was like around the track then. The best part, and unless you were there you will not appreciate it, there were 250 cc. and 500 cc. races, unlike the Bullshit they did this year!

No bridges, No barriers, just straw bails spotted around in places. There were no big Grand Stands except at the start finish line. Viewing was GREAT! Within 20 feet of the track almost anywhere. You can see I obviously did not get any pictures at the Corkscrew.

The infield portion between Turn 2 and 5 was a VIP area if I remember correctly. This was created when the track was changed to make it long enough to get the Motorcycle GP back. The track used to go from turn 2 and a long sweeper to what is now turn 5, then up the hill towards the Corkscrew.


The start of the 250 cc race coming around turn 3.

The 250 cc race continues....Never to be seen again at Laguna Seca!

The last of the 250 cc grid comes by.

A good view between turn 3 and 4. Now there is a bridge in the middle. On the right is a Grand stand and in the infield on the left is all the vendors, in 2005.

View of 250 cc riders coming from Turn 3 into turn four

500 cc race pictures. Around turn 4, Mike Balwin (18) ahead of Niall Mackenzie (5)

A view further back of turn 4 Note the paddock area in the background. And of course Eddie in the foreground. Do you recognise any buildings in the paddock area?

Rider coming into Turn 4 braking. What's that you say about a Bridge to the infield?

View to Turn 4 from halfway between 3 and 4. Note lack of stands. :)

Turn 4 and what I believe would have been "Ducati Island" in 2005. Infield was VIP area in 88.

Again turn 4. And Lack of Grand Stand. :)

Wayne Gardner (1) leading Wayne Rainey (17).

Turn 4 again. Kevin Schwantz.

There were some good places for shots coming out of turn 4 in 88, Eddie again. In 2005 you would have to be a guest of someone to get in the stands that are where I took this picture from.

Just shots I like from turn 4. This time Niall (5) has passed Mike (18) [Baldwin]

And of course Eddie just heading into Turn 4. Note the lack of barriers and how close we could get to the track. That's the "Lake" across the other side.

Mike Baldwin between turn 3 and 4.

Wayne Gardner setting up for turn 4.

Wayne Rainey (17) heads up Eddie Lawson (3) and Kevin Schwantz (34) around turn 3

I don't remember who #9 is, sorry :( But he is followed by Ron Hazlam (4), Didier de Radigues (12) and our old buddy............Pier Francesco Chili (8)

One last picture at turn 3.