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AZRM 1:12 McLaren M23 parts

This page will have all the parts for the 1:12 scale McLaren M23 updated 5/22/11


1975/75 Roll bar assembly

Early 1976 roll bar assembly

Mid season Roll bar assembly 1976

Roll bar assembly used late 1976 into 77

1973 Yardley Air-box

Body extensions for 1976 M23

Inside view showing mounting for oil coolers

Correct shape air-box to replace the one in the kit

Air-box with different inlet used by Fittipaldi mostly

Air-box as used in USGP 1976, will also work for orther races and years e.g. Belgium 1974

Air-box as used at Watkins Glen 1974

Air-box as used in 1975 (French GP for one example)

Airbox used in Brazil 1975

Left side

Right side

Assembled 76 Airbox

Main Body of airbox for 76 M23

Inlet part for 76 Airbox

Angle Vel Stacks used 74 and 75

Section showing layout with angled Velocity stacks

Late 76 M23 partial Assembly

The blue is the "Jig" I used to make sure everything will fit.

Material to be removed from body top of kit for late 75 and 1976 versions

Material to be removed from lower body kit part fdor late 75 and 1976 versions

Just another view

Removing material with saw

Lower body trimmed to accept new parts (prototype parts in picture)

Upper body trimmed

View from top

How to keep a straight line when removing the material

Removed material